Mad About You…

… is taking over my life. I recently bought “The Mad About You” collection on DVD and I can’t stop watching it. Lucky there are only 21 episodes in the set. I never realised just how much I loved that show until I got the chance to see it again more recently.

But in other news, I have nearly finished reading an amazing book called “The Heavenly Man” which is very thought provoking (the uncomfortable kind). And I also have a job interview tomorrow which seems to have landed in my lap from nowhere. The job wasn’t advertised widely, and I only forwarded my CV yesterday – and suddenly today, my manager tells me they want to see me for an interview tomorrow! I’ve gone from being casual about the opportunity (“Nothing ventured, nothing gained – if it happens, it happens”) to being quite nervous about it (“I have had no time to research this position and I have no appropriate interview clothes!”)


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