Russian cabbage

All in all, yesterday was a strange old day. I had a job interview and then took my Mum to a concert. One might even call it a rock concert… might.

Job Interview
Who’d have thought the fact that I know ONE word in Russian (капуста) would come up in a job interview – bizarre. The whole interview was unexpectedly cool and so far, I’ve managed to keep my head on straight. Although not being an exceptionally patient person, I’d really like to know the outcome now rather than in a week or two!

Steven Curtis Chapman was really great! I wish I hadn’t had such a big headache or I probably would have had a better time. There’s nothing quite like hearing a voice you know so well – live. And songs you know by heart – live. I took Mum for her birthday present so I hope she enjoyed herself even though it was ‘quite a late night’.

Tomorrow we’re heading up the coast for a wedding. It’s about time too! It feels like we’ve been going to weddings almost at regular intervals over the last few years so I reckon we’re just about due for a dose of love, trust, promises and uncomfortable shoes. *sigh*


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