Coles vs Woolworths

Since I can remember, my mum shopped at Coles and so now I do too. Over the years I’ve grown quite fond of Coles. I’ve become familiar with the staff and the variety of goods on offer and I’ve recently realised I’m quite loyal. Even now that I don’t live with my parents, I still go out of my way to drive back to the same Coles I’ve always been to. It’s comfortable and safe. To me, a Coles advertisement says “Hey, look at what we’ve got this week. If you don’t want any of this stuff, then that’s ok. We just thought we’d tell you what’s on offer just in case there’s something we have that you want… it would make us sad to see you miss out”.

Woolworths on the other hand, are a bit snotty – a bit too confident that they’ve got what I’m looking for. Their ads yell at me, “Hey stupid!! Come buy this stuff!! You know you want to”. That doesn’t endear them to me. Plus they went and built that store at Maleny when we all said, “Nup, bad idea dudes”. Money-hungry ruffians.

And I resent the fact people call Woolworths, “Woolies”. Having a nickname for something like that assumes the existence of an amiable relationship. It assumes a degree of familiarity and trust.

So it all makes me a bit sad because I’m so fond of Coles but their name doesn’t readily lend itself to a nickname.

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