A powerhouse performance

We went to see Daniel Kitson perform at the Powerhouse on Tuesday night and he was INCREDIBLE! Not only was he very funny, he was thoughtful and articulate very witty – all things I admire.

Okay, so there are things I’ve noticed about the world and humanity. Beautiful things which mystify me, things which bother me a great deal and a lot of stuff in between. And gradually, over the years I’ve developed opinions about these things but I could never have explained to anyone why I have those opinions – or how my brain processes experiences through those filters. But Daniel Kitson can somehow put these unexplainable things into words and give them life. And he’s still so very funny! How dare he walk into my life, expose and challenge my prejudices and then walk out again after two hours.

Anyway, I have to move on or I will wind up with a worse headache than I have already.

Tomorrow night we’re having a League of Gentlemen evening! That will be a real good treat mmmh!

Also, I got the job – YAY! :)


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