Happy Birthday JoHn

Last night we went to the Kim Thanh for a double celebratory dinner. Partly because I got the PA job and partly because JoHn blitzed the registration Olympics and can now be a ‘real’ architect. Actually it ended up being all about JoHn, just because of the people who came. Nahum and Megan dropped in to say hi on their way to another party somewhere, and Burfit and Nahum started singing Happy Birthday to JoHn (even though his birthday is in November). You can’t take those two anywhere. When the hip-hip-hoorays had died down, a friendly lady from an adjoining table called out “Happy Birthday John” and there was much giggling.

After dinner (and after standing on a street corner in West End deciding what to do next) a smaller number of us ended up at The Three Monkeys where an absurd game of checkers using pawns from tattered chess set ensued. I like The Three Monkeys for the atmosphere rather than the food or service (weird huh?) – not that the food or service are that bad. Although last night the service was, not bad, but frustrating. Burfit went to order me a cup of tea only to find out there would be a 30 minute wait on tea. Wha??? Something to do with a lack of tea pots and the dishwasher. Very disappointment. So I tried not to fall asleep while the boys continued the bizarre game of checkers. About 20 minutes later I thought I might need a cup of coffee instead of tea so Nathan went to order me a coffee (see how I have the boys waiting on me hand and foot*) but was told there would be a 30 minute wait on coffee. Wha???

Eventually everyone who ordered something when we’d first arrived (except Burfit and me who both ordered tea) got their respective sweet treats – they ate and drank – I nearly fell asleep on my handbag – then we went home. Happy Birthday JoHn.

*Once I sat down at our table I was hemmed in by a wall, our big wooden table and an adjoining table so it was just easier for other people to do my bidding.

One response to “Happy Birthday JoHn

  1. It’s probably just as well we didn’t come then. The performance of ‘Happy Birthday’ six months too early would have made my happy, ordered little world come to a grinding halt and Bob and I would have had to sit on someone to make it stop.

    Yay for John. 🙂 And you too.

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