Goodbye qpfaqa000

It’s so satisfying to do things for the last time. Yesterday I typed ‘qpfaqa000’ for the last time. (Although, I just typed it again then… but that’s the last time. I promise.) Leaving work was like leaving school on the last day of the year. You say goodbye to people you liked and people you tolerated and go on holidays (3 days in my case). Then, next week I’ll front up to a new building with new people who I’ll learn to like or tolerate, and I’ll start a new learning curve. It’s a tiny bit scary to think it’s only me that will be learning new things – unlike being in a classroom, there will be no one else to make mistakes or ask dumb questions with me.

But I don’t anticipate I’ll screw up so fantastically that anyone will be prompted to question the validity of the interviewing process. And even if they do, I can always threaten to stick leggo in their eyes.

Also, a quick thank you to all the work dudes who contributed some money to buy me a Yo-Yo-Ma Obrigado Brazil Live CD (with bonus DVD as Tom so kindly pointed out) and the 5th Season of Press Gang! What a totally awesome present!


One response to “Goodbye qpfaqa000

  1. I’m sure it’s totally unneccessary of me to offer, but Charlie has Lego of assorted shapes and sizes (some that would fit into a person’s eyes, some that would fit into some more uncomfortable places) that I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you using if you needed to. However, I have complete confidence in your ability to be rad, so I don’t think you’ll need it. Good luck!

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