Maximum capacity

My head is full so I’m hoping if I expel a bunch of thoughts it will help me feel a little calmer.

  • My ankles are cold
  • My job is going reasonably well (I made my boss laugh)
  • Kellee still hasn’t had the baby
  • I just can’t make a good cup of coffee
  • Burfit seems to sleep a lot
  • There are builders working on both sides today
  • I got some scary metal ‘cosmopolitan’ salad servers that make my skin crawl when they rub together
  • I’m having a drum lesson in two hours
  • My Uncle David looks almost exactly the same as he did 11 years ago
  • I really should read more
  • How do you pronounce “Sawalha”?
  • God is so good
  • Spoke to Bobby yesterday when I called Translink
  • Dylan Moran is a genius
  • Should be seeing XMen3 tonight
  • Will I ever find a good hairdresser again?
  • I have internet access at work now which means I can consult this!

3 responses to “Maximum capacity

  1. Ok, come comments on your thoughts…

    * Put some socks on
    * Of course the job is going well – you’re very clever
    * I KNOW, believe me, and I’m NOT happy
    * Practice makes perfect and Tom can teach you if you like – he’s a pro
    * Lucky Sam
    * Tell them to bugger off – unless they’re cute, in which case you can just stare lazily out the window
    * Ooh, yuck, metal on metal *cringe*
    * Yay for Mark!
    * Well, he’s lucky then. Unless he looked ugly ten years ago
    * Yes, everyone should read more. Hear hear.
    * Pass, but I can tell what you’ve been watching…
    * Amen
    * Ooh, how was that?
    * Who is he?
    * Lucky you. Looks a bit to CGed to me (I just made that word up).
    * Yes, you will. It just might take a while. Have a little faith.
    * Hooray! What a great link. Feel free to go through and use it to correct me anytime you wish. Actually, Tom really needs you to do that too. Are you going to write an article for the next Tellurian Times?

    Bye bye.

  2. What a very beautiful blog. Sadly, I suspect that you have only reached this level of excellence by wasting far too much time playing in cyberspace..young people today..reading writing and fill in the spaces.
    In contrast, I’m only here reading other people’s blogs and reading newspapers on line for about mumble hours a day…

    I was going to do what Kellee did and have an opinion on every bullet point, but that seems a bit old now. Maybe just a few.

    1. What she said
    2. In a good way I hope
    3. She should be monitoring contractions instead of stealing my ideas
    4. Maybe you need one of those wonderfully expensive shiny machines. You could keep it up here and I’ll look after it for you.
    5. And your point is????
    6. Noisy and dusty – not good to live amidst.
    7. Donate them to somebody less sensitive. Anything except wooden salad servers is unnatural and just wrong.
    8. More noise and dust…
    9. That’s very thoughtless of him.
    10. Yes – me too.
    11. As in Julia? Trevor pronounces her name “totally gorgeous chick”. What can you do with men…
    12. I’m very relieved to hear that.
    13. I remember her!!!
    14. and irresistable…to me anyway.
    15. hmmmmmm…sounds like a boys’ movie. T wants someone to go with.
    Perhaps I should put that ‘with’ somewhere else.
    With T wants someone to go. That’s much better.
    16. One of the Laws of the Universe is you can either have a quick, peaceful, BAD haircut, OR an agonisingly slow GOOD haircut accompanied by endless inane drivel. Sad but true.
    Although I hadn’t noticed you sporting a bad haircut – but other people usually don’t do they.

    Well I lied about “just a few”

  3. You can steal my ideas anytime, Oh Wise Bribie One. Although most of the time they aren’t any good.

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