Somebody save me

I just finished watching this week’s episode of Smallville and I think I finally realise why I am so addicted to it. And no, it’s not because of him, him or him. It’s because it’s so predictable & formulaic. I get the feeling I might be the smarter one in the equation, and I like that. But even though you can tell what’s going to happen (or not happen until next week or next season) I still love watching it being played out on my TV. It’s chocolate for my brain or something. So maybe I’m not the smarter one afterall. Oh well! It also makes me giggle that they all look like they’re taking this exceptionally crappy show so seriously.

You know I’m really just killing time while I’m hoping to hear that Kellee’s had the baby and everyone is doing ok. She was booked in to be induced at 7:00am and we still haven’t heard anything. I’m sure everything is fine (as fine as it can during childbirth) but I’m still anxious for her – and Tom!


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