MYO Engrish

Type what next in the text box, translate in Japanese, and English your itself Engrish – pleasantly straw raincoat time for the whole family… draw up!

Translation: Type something into the text box and translate into Japanese and then back into English to create your very own Engrish – hours of fun for the whole family!


4 responses to “MYO Engrish

  1. “Pleasantly straw raincoat time” – love it! If I ever release an album that’s totally going be the title.

  2. It is good and I must say, I enjoy your blog very. It should, whether or not Octagon kyet thing beautiful doctor where is not (alias) concerning – there is no many information here I think in doubt, but he of the Durdlin/Burfitt family the important part, after all is extraordinary. In addition as for me you must appreciate in tasty chicken Etouffe. How treat? !

  3. And again in German…

    Well I must say, enjoy I very much it blog. Although I am surprised, if there is no more information about the attractive doctor Octagon (alias kyet) on here – it is a very important part of the Durdlin/Burfitt family, after all. I must also thank you for the koestliche chicken Etouffe. One which for festiveness!

  4. And again in Korean… (I love the bit about the delicious chicken etouffe hazard)…

    Well, me must talk, me it enjoys a large grade your blog. Octagonkyet love the be doctor (to call) regarding information compared to here it is coming to light, it goes out and if it wonders, – him the Durdlin/Burfitt family quite the portion which is important, anyhow is. Me delicious chicken Etouffe hazard also it will be extensive and must thank. Treatment!

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