Network Ten, report to my office!

How DARE you remove Smallville from the air waves without warning!

How DARE you play the trailer for the next episode and then not screen it!!

I went to your website, did a search for ‘smallville’ and my search did not return any results.

But you’ve escaped the full extent of my wrath as I have just this minute, discovered Smallville will be back on the air next week, 6th July. You’re still in trouble for not giving fair warning, false advertising and neglecting to provide an acceptable justification for your actions, but it’s coming back next week and that’s the main thing.



3 responses to “Network Ten, report to my office!

  1. Hi, interesting blog, would you like to link with me?



  2. Hm, something tells me Morris is being somewhat insincere.

    Regarding your email – T of the Hee. Very funny. Network Ten should be shaking in their/it’s/whatever the correct word is boots.

  3. Just brilliant Joss.
    Channel 10 certainly had that coming!

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