The little brown frog of happiness

Oh, how I wish we had Haigh’s Chocolate in Brisbane. We discovered Haigh’s when we were in Adelaide in March and it is simply devine. They have a store in Melbourne too, so I made damn sure I sought it out. And now a delicious dark chocolate frog and a good strong cup of tea is taking the edge off an exceptionally crap day. Nothing worth going into – just a combination of tiredness, mourning over holidays that were, blisters from new shoes and general work frustrations.

Melbourne was neither wonderful nor awful. High points include the Dizzy’s gig on Saturday night, seeing the Picasso exhibition at the National Gallery, buying the perfect winter hat (that isn’t itchy!), seeing Kiri, Simon and V, finding a very funny book at PolyEster Books on Brunswick St and having the best steak sandwich ever.
Low points include the crappy bed and pillows in our hotel, getting ‘Ekka legs’, being unable to avoid a lot of second-hand cigarette smoke (why doesn’t Melbourne have the same anti-smoking laws that we do?) and spending more time than I’d like with someone who has no respect for my personal space, litters, swears a lot and is only interested in themselves.

I was going to post some pictures of our Melbourne adventure but the USB cable isn’t interested.


3 responses to “The little brown frog of happiness

  1. Welcome back to you and your chocolate frogs. I hope you bought enough of them to see you through the bad patches until your next interstate sortie.
    I must say that bar looks very snug and warm, but compulsory smoking can ruin anything. Don’t even start me on the selfishness of people who smoke in sealed rooms and think that their right to inhale smouldering poison-infused dog blankets supercedes my right to refrain from doing so. Hmph.

    Looking forward to seeing The Hat…

  2. I think 2 entire Haighs shops within 10 minutes walking distance is reason enough to move to Adelaide 🙂

    For future reference, where did the Best Steak Sandwich Ever come from?

    Looking fwd to more pics!

  3. It was a cafe on Brunswick Street called Mario’s. I think.

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