How to celebrate a birthday 1.0

Last night we went on a Ghost Tour of South Brisbane Cemetery for Bek’s birthday and it was pretty interesting, but not all that scary. It was pretty funny in fact: the nun who took the tour was a bit too serious and over dramatic and had a loose grasp of English (pronunciation especially – e.g.: ‘anythink’ instead of anything). During part of the tour I found myself standing at the front of our group. We were about to cross some ground where convicted criminals were buried and the Nun stepped towards me so her face was about 20cm from mine and said, “Be careful where you step… I’ve seen hands come up out of the ground and grab ankles”. That’s not actually what she said, I can’t remember her exact words, but it was along those lines. Anyway, Burfit had a bit of a giggle at my expense and then, not three seconds later walked under a very low tree branch where some leaves gently brushed his hair and gave him a bit of a fright. He shut up. Aha ha ha ha…

On a completely different note, I stumbled across a page which provides a sample of my uni work. Weird. I don’t remember doing much work at uni so it amuses me that some of the work I did do, lives on.

One last thought: I love these t-shirts.


One response to “How to celebrate a birthday 1.0

  1. Interesting, Dale Hembrow is also on that music page. Do you know him? He was in SL. He’s into the indie music scene now (as far as I know) and produced a Christian rock CD a while back.

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