The ‘waiting game’ sucks

I hate waiting. Patience isn’t something that comes naturally for me so the stretch between Monday (a few days ago) and next Tuesday (more than a few days to go) feels enormous already.

“What is she waiting for?” you might ask. And if you didn’t, maybe you should consider it. Or you could just skip the next paragraph altogether.

“Is it the return of a loved one?”
Well, I am waiting for the bastard programmers at Network Ten to start screening Smallville again instead of some crappy show aimed at people with a brain the size of a pea (as opposed to Smallville fans), but that’s on a Thursday, so no.

“Is it pay day?”
No, getting paid on an 8 day cycle would just be weird. And impractical.

“Is there a special event happening?”
Actually now that you mention it, we’re going to see Dianne Reeves at QPAC. Burfit bought us tickets for my birthday. And next Tuesday also happens to be my Dad’s birthday, but that’s not what I’m talking about.


On Monday I had another blood test for Coeliac Disease and a few other things. Don’t ask me what the other things were, I wasn’t taking much notice. Besides which, I’m too curious about the outcome of the Coeliac thing to worry about what else might be wrong with me. I still can’t believe the last doctor I went to didn’t think my being on a gluten free diet would alter the results in any way, let alone return a false negative. And I even asked him, point blank, “I’ve-been-on-a-gluten-free-diet-for-a-few-months-already-do-you-think-that-matters?” And he said no. Bah Baow!

I don’t particularly want to have Coeliac Disease, but if I do, at least that gives me an answer to why I’ve been feeling so crap. And if I don’t have Coeliac Disease… you know what? I’m going on a gluten free diet anyway. I might not be so militant about it if I’m not causing any damage to my body, but I feel so much better when I’m not eating gluten. I reckon it might even be worth giving up Tim Tams for.

So, hurry up Tuesday damn it!


2 responses to “The ‘waiting game’ sucks

  1. Your body usually tells the truth – so listen to that.
    Besides, if some damn fool test says you don’t have coeliac disease, what will I do with my colllection of GLUTEN FREE muesli, GLUTEN FREE pancake mix, GLUTEN FREE cornflakes and GLUTEN FREE pasta? I’m sure as hell not going to eat it.

    But I’ll still love you, even if you aren’t gluten free.

  2. Well that’s a relief! 🙂

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