Murphy’s law?

Is it Murphy’s law that I can’t think of anything cool to search for on the internet now we’ve got broadband? When we had dial-up there were heaps of things I wanted to check out but they were too big for our connection (or rather I lacked the patience to wait for them to download) or we ran out of hours before the month was up.

I’ve got a few pages I check regularly but nothing more than that. Even this blog has become stale – which is odd because that assumes it had something going for it to begin with.

Maybe it’s not Murphy’s law but a human trait. Does Murphy’s law even have a definition? Is it in the O.E.D.? That’ll keep me occupied for all of 2 minutes: hooray.


2 responses to “Murphy’s law?

  1. You’ve really left yourself open to interwebs freaks now. I have many many….

    anyway, start with this one.
    and scroll down to Friday Sep 16.
    Here you can watch an epic video of a cat and his shopping bag.

    I find blogs in general to be great sources of mindless entertainment. Links lead to links lead to timewasting lead to your life is over before you know it. Be careful out there.

  2. I’m terribly addicted to

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