Daily whinge


I thought I had escaped the nightmare where people say ‘premise’ instead of ‘premises’… but it was not to be. Today I discovered a new guy, who has moved in just across the partition from me insists on being wrong. Do you think he’d appreciate some gentle guidance? No, I thought not.

It’s so depressing…

Granted it’s not on the same scale as my last job, but it only takes one etc, etc.

In a similar whinge, I’m continuing my struggle with corporate gibberish, jargon and nonsense. I mean, why say “I’ve got a problem with X process” when you can obscure your meaning by saying “There are issues around xyz…”

It’s no wonder I’m having a hard time settling into my new job. I can’t understand what most people are talking about because I don’t speak their language. But does that mean I should learn their language to make everything right again? No sir.

I suppose their language is loosely based on English but so many words have been corrupted or replaced with bigger, more important sounding words that it ends up almost unrecognisable. Why would I want to learn how to talk and write like that? Someone pointed out to me it probably makes the writer feel important – ‘look how many words I know!’.

Where is the middle ground? Can’t I have a job where my skills and thinking are challenged, not my patience?

“We have to operationalise the plan to firm up our key messages to gain market penetration going forward.”

It doesn’t help anyone.



2 responses to “Daily whinge

  1. It’s ok. You just need to orientate yourself to your new environment. Maybe you need to action some kind of workshop where people can be taught to verbelate punctuatously. I’m sure you’re still kicking goals for the team, because you really are a team player, aren’t you durdlin?

    At the end of the day, the customer comes first.

    After all, our efforts contribute towards the mitigation of bad business acumen.

    Or something like that.

    By the way, I had a bit of help writing this. 🙂

  2. Good boy Charlie, helping Mummy like that!

    Although I have to say I am a little surprised your written communication skills have developed to such a high standard when your verbal communication is still somewhat lacking… when are you gonna TALK dude? 🙂

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