Confessions of a Smallville addict

I am almost desperate to get my hands on series two… ever since I found series 1-4 on sale at JB for $20-$25 each. That’s only just over $1 per episode! Then when you factor in the extra features (of which there are eff all actually, so forget that bit) and the enjoyment repeat viewings offers, it’s really very good value.

But did I buy the first four series at this amazing bargain basement price when I found them? No. I thought, ‘I’ll pace myself. I’ll buy series one – watch series one – savour series one – then buy series two and so on’.

I bought series one. I watched series one. I savoured series one.

Today I went to buy series two, but they DON’T HAVE ANY IN STOCK!
So what to do? Do I buy series three and watch them out of order so I can continue to indulge in an episode every morning over breakfast while my holidays last? Or do I stick to the ‘right’ way of watching stuff and just double my efforts to find series two at a reasonable price (ie $24.95 and not $89.95) and not buy series three? Because let’s face it, there is no way I could buy series three and not watch it.

Tonight I bought series three, but I haven’t watched any episodes yet; only the gag reel and a weird extra feature about ‘The Chloe Chronicles’ – some webisode crap. I would have watched more except we don’t have a universal DVD player so the region settings prevent me from participating in the interactive comic, whatever that is.

And while we’re not talking about it, I think Lana is coping remarkably well with her lot. In a relatively short period of time she has:

  • killed her boyfriend’s mother in self defence (while being possessed by a french witch who is one of her ancestors) ;
  • survived a helicopter crash during a meteor shower with only a few cuts to her face, messy hair – oh, and a broken leg;
  • discovered a spaceship and witnessed its two alien passengers go on a murderous rampage through the town; and
  • found out her (now motherless) boyfriend was killed in the meteor shower.
  • she has also been kidnapped, buried alive or threatened in some way every other episode

What a trooper.


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