What’s done is done

Yesterday I talked to my boss and handed him a letter much like the one below, explaining that I’m searching for a new job and he’d better start looking for a new EA. I was almost talked out of being up front with him by two friends at work who decided to warn me at the eleventh hour that he can be ‘manipulative and… well… evil.
Uh, okay. You couldn’t have warned me sooner? Like when I started the job?

‘Well, we didn’t know you that well so we thought maybe you’d like working with him.’

‘All we’re saying is, be careful what you say. He could make it really difficult for you between now and when you find another job.’
Thanks for the pep talk.

I did tell him anyway, and I’m glad I did. He took it pretty well all things considered and I’m relieved things are out in the open.

But now I’m back to square one, updating my resume and looking for greener pastures. It’s so boring… I keep questioning whether I could just put up with his crap for another year before we head to Vancouver but then my brain kicks in to remind me just how terrible working for him is and I get motivated again. Well, a bit. Until I get distracted by something on the internet.



One response to “What’s done is done

  1. Not only have you done the right thing, you’ve done the courageous, sensible (sorry about that – you may think it’s insulting to be called ‘sensible’) and mature thing. I really admire the way you confront your problems and work out ways to improve the situation. It’s by no means the easy way. Good work 🙂

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