I like bananas

When I have things to blog about, it seems I don’t have time to capture it.
When I have time to blog, I don’t have much to say. It dribbles out through my fingers on the keyboard and somehow finds a home amongst the posts about nothing and not much.

So now that it’s a Friday night and I’m weary from a long week at work, it’s the perfect time to let my fingers wander about on the keyboard without my brain keeping them in check. I also have a nasty head cold which is NOT fun.

Funny thing that happened at work this week
V to S: … yeah well I reckon she can go GF.
Durdlin to V&S: She can go Gluten Free??
V to Durdlin: Err, no she can get ‘F’-ed
Durdlin: Oh.
V to Durdlin: Aren’t you cute!

Great dip recipe

  • 1 jar hot salsa
  • 1 block of philly cream cheese
  • 100g grated cheese

Melt together in microwave-proof dish.
Serve with hot corn chips.
Gorge yourself.

Weird Al Yankovic lyrics that have been stuck in my head for days
My pancreas attracts every other pancreas in the universe
With a force proportional
To the product of their masses
And inversely proportional
To the distance between them

Torchwood has landed…
…at Cel’s house and in 45 mins I’m going to see the first episode! Good boy Cel!

Cat update
From my recent walkings around the neighbourhood I have spotted twelve cats who want me to give them pats. Seven of them have yet to realise this.

My top five local eateries (tagged by Hannah)
1. The Sitar
Best Chicken Tikka Masala EVER. In fact, I am now physically unable to order anything other than this dish when we go there. It is that good.

2. Pizza Capers
Delicious and gluten free – need I say more?

3. Queenies Traditional Tea House (@ Nundah, not Hamilton)
Best place to get a good cup of tea and a damn fine piece of gluten free carrot cake with lemon icing. It’s just a shame they now charge through the roof for their treats. But it’s a good place to take your Nan for her birthday if you can afford it.

4. Thai Spice (Stafford)
I discovered Thai Spice because a girl who works there (and maybe owns it??) is a friend of a friend. It’s close to home and oh, so tasty. I don’t know what my favourite dish is, but just thinking about Thai Spice is making my tummy rumble.

5. The little newsagent on Ann St in the city near work
You wouldn’t usually expect a newsagent to have a little built in salad/sandwich bar but this one does. Their salad boxes are cheap and fresh and they are very generous with the good stuff (tomato, chicken, avocado, etc).

Final thoughts
I wonder what the weather is like in Vancouver?
Just finished reading “The Naked Jape” – it made me laugh out aloud on the bus.
I like bananas.


3 responses to “I like bananas

  1. Haha, not even I would think GF meant gluten free – and I am gluten free!
    Mmm that dip receipe sounds heavenly, if only I had a microwave. Perhaps I’ll give an oven version a go…

  2. Right, I am going to walk to the shops and make that dip right now…

  3. Want to eat that dip right now but we've given up dips & corn chips for lent… shall be entered in recipe book as post-lent dip. CnN

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