Breakfast, Op Shops & Graffiti

On our way to breakfast this morning, my sister and I spotted this graffiti. Well, “spotted” is probably not the most accurate word. It was pretty obvious – on the corner of a busy road near my house.

And an hour or two later:

Durdlin: Ohh, look at these!

Durdlin’s sister: …Gazes adoringly at fabulous crockery…

Durdlin: You must buy them! Are you going to buy them?

Durdlin’s sister: Yeah… okay!

If I knew the name of the 50s style diner at Geebung I would give them a plug. Perhaps they should have been on my list. The people who run it are great. Twice now when we’ve ordered breakfast and told them we couldn’t have the toast they’ve cheerfully offered ‘chippies’ instead.

Chips for breakfast = awesome.


One response to “Breakfast, Op Shops & Graffiti

  1. Bags me that kelly green teacup!

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