Hooray for five years

For our fifth wedding anniversary this year we went to Byron Bay (staying in a cottage at Possum Creek) to go hang gliding.

Day one – it rained so no hang gliding for us.

Day two – we woke up and it was a beautiful clear day and windy to boot! But when we called the hang gliding dude (let’s call him Neil) he reckoned the wind was blowing very strongly into the rocky cliff which made hang gliding ‘unsafe’. Pfft.

Day three – repeat story from day two. Neil even said in the morning that it looked promising only to dash our hopes later in the day by saying it was not going to happen. He also finally admitted he hasn’t been gliding for two weeks because the conditions have been all wrong. Was he just stringing us along so as not to ruin our holiday? “Come back in Spring” he says… Hmmph.

Anyway, on with some photos I took! (Sorry Burf, it must be done.)

This is the cottage we stayed in for two nights. Great atmosphere, fire place, nice soap, Byron Bay coffee, cute vintage oven etc. And some very funny pug dogs called Lucy and Maggie at the main house.

Vintage oven!

Check out the dials on this baby!

We sat here to drink tea, eat strawberries dipped in Nutella and watch Green Wing.

View from somewhere. Probably on our way up the trail to the Byron Bay lighthouse.

From a vantage point at the most easterly point of the mainland we saw a few messages drawn in the sand below. I liked this one the most: I (heart) U. Hurry the F@*# up!

Um, I guess that’s it. I did have a big rant saved up about how we ended up in Mullumbimby but I’m gonna save that up for another day.

One response to “Hooray for five years

  1. I’m really glad tou didn’t hang-glide into a cliff. You would both have been in SUCH BIG TROUBLE.
    Lovely photos but there’s nothing vintage about that stove. I stood over one exactly like that for many years and I can tell you we were very grateful to have it.
    And the kiddies were so pleased when they didn’t have to chop wood for the stove anymore shortly after they invented electricity in 1978.

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