Crazy-good Christmas cake!

Check out this cake. It’s seriously wow! A lady at our church made it for a friend of mine as a surprise.

And look at the edge:

As Cel so rightly said, “Quick, someone give this lady an award!”


3 responses to “Crazy-good Christmas cake!

  1. I think an award doesn’t quiet cut it! That is one impresive cake… a little too impresive to eat!

  2. Yeah, we did eat it though.

    Well I didn’t, but the rest of our cell group ate a bit. I don’t remember who ended up getting the donkey’s buttocks but I do remember there were lots of lame jokes.

    And jokes about stabbing Mary right in the Jesus. Terrible really…

  3. That cake is insane! That much dedication to baked goods should be applauded.

    PS Love the cat photos, he’s got a very soulful expressive face.

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