I adore our yearly Christmas jaunts to Bribie to visit TGV + LV (and assorted dogs and cats). It’s so good for the soul.

Some things I particularly enjoyed:

  • catching the end of a gorgeous sunset through summer afternoon rain that hangs heavy in the air
  • having a cat persist in snuggling up to me while I’m finished off reading ‘My Booky Wook’ (thanks LV!)
  • drinking cups of tea and eating the coveted Bennett chocolate fudge (and helping out LV by eating the rest of the M&Ms that were left on the bench in a handy bowl)
  • assisting TGV by consuming stuff like the Christmas ham, juicy, ripe mangos, nectarines and lychees
  • eating left-over cold GF pizza for breakfast before heading off to Woodford for a long (but overall, enjoyable) day in the mud
  • seeing Doch perform at Woodford to a very enthusiastic crowd
  • seeing Totally Gourdgeous perform (my first TG experience)
  • seeing The Blue Grassy Knoll play a live soundtrack to Buster Keaton film, “Sherlock Jr”. Here’s an 8 min excerpt. Brilliant!


One response to “Post-Christmas

  1. I haven’t visited for a while. Your redecorations and renovations are most spiffing. You can never have enough photos of the Doctor can you.

    And thanks for the kind words about the food – unfortunately, due to the usual overcatering issues, we are still eating for Christmas….twas ever thus

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