Up Yours Woodford!

I rescued Burfit from the ‘evil clutches’ of the Woodford Folk Festival late yesterday afternoon and the immense relief we both felt at finally driving away from Woodford (for the last time?) was palpable. Once we were over the cattle grate – and the likelihood of us getting bogged was minimal – we yelled Up Yours Woodford!
Our thanks go to Principal Skinner for providing us with this appropriate response.

I’m done with Woodford for the next few years at least. It would take a lot to get me back there again – and I wasn’t even a performer!

About 10 years ago when I went with my sister for the first time I found it really exciting and different. The artists were people I’d never heard of and it opened my eyes to a lot of new music (most notably Doch, Jigzag, Xenos, Oscar and Marigold and Martin Pearson).
Over the years it’s been exciting to see Burfit play with a kaleidoscope of bands but it doesn’t have the same pull it used to. The artist line up has become more mainstream (which is not always a bad thing), the crowds more mainstream, the price more expensive. The weather has stayed as unpredictable as ever. I’ll never know why my sister still chooses to camp there for the whole week. But each to their own I guess.

It’s so nice to have Burfit home again (for a few days) before he heads out on another Doch adventure. And the weather at home is just perfect for staying indoors, reading, watching TV, taking naps and eating comfort food. I do love the wind and the rain when I’m not out in it.

3 responses to “Up Yours Woodford!

  1. Hey, regards Woodford. I have to disagree. The music that Woodford books that you see as mainstream is I think a reflection of the fact that mainstream taste has come around to what has traditionally been seen as alternative.

    Since John Butler, Xavier Rudd and the Waifs used to be traditional Woodford fare but are now served up for the masses on Triple M, and the majority of major festivals are now choosing to book a wider variety of programme that includes world music and folk artists, Woodford would almost have to start booking Farnesy, Barnesy and the like to be regarding as alternative. Woodford hasn’t changed, the world around it has.

    And as for the comments on price, everything is getting more expensive. Beer, bands and tent hire. When you consider that there are over 300 acts on the programme and your season ticket costs just over that, well, I reckon $1 for James Morrison ain’t that bad.

    You’re entitled to your opinion though, of course – I think it’s a beautiful, ethical, and fun festival.

  2. Gosh, do you work for Woodford PR or something??

    You raise valid points my friend, but it doesn’t change my experience of – or attitude toward – Woodford. I agree it is a beautiful festival but I’ve had enough for the moment, thanks. Too much of a good thing… or something like that.

  3. wooford folk fairy

    theres no doubt about it, woodford is amazing.
    i could go 1000 times and still think the same way.
    i tell anyone if they have the chance (and the money) GO!
    the atsmosphere is great, bands are brilliant and theres so much to do.
    Theres a good lineup this year and im so excited to get back there! 🙂

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