Happy and then not-so-happy

Classic Drive is featuring Doch On the Verandah all this week! Tune in at 6:45pm to hear a different track each day from their latest album, “Bride in a Red Dress”. Yay!

I will also quickly mention that they’ve got it wrong (again)… not all the members of Doch went to the Queensland Conservatorium damnit! Going to the Con doesn’t mean you’re automatically a superior musician and it ticks me off that a lot of people assume successful musicians must have studied there. Stick it up your jumper!

But hooray for Doch being featured on the ABC. Quite right.

And shut up with your ‘biting the hand that feeds’ nonsense. I’m not listening. It was only a little nibble anyway.


2 responses to “Happy and then not-so-happy

  1. Onya Doch!

    And quite right about the Con reference. A big HECS debt does not a good musician make…

  2. Yes it’s very exciting dancing to DOCH in the kitchen every night before dinner.

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