Just so we’re clear

I’m not a Facebook user and am never likely to be. How exactly does it improve our social interaction? Surely meeting you – in person – for a cup of tea and a chat is more sociable than sitting at our computers – alone – virtually poking each other? Or if you happen to be in another city or country, what’s wrong with a quick email? Is that too old fashioned now?

Besides, don’t you find it just a bit absurd? Signing up to a website that allows you to ‘be friends’ with people who already are your friends? I don’t mind if you choose to load your photos and news onto Facebook. What I do mind is that I can’t see your photos or read your news without becoming a user myself. The exclusivity is what bothers me. I resent being bullied by an online entity into a friendship I already had.

If you want to use Facebook, that’s fine, but please don’t pressure me into signing up. I sincerely hope we can keep being friends without their kind assistance.


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