Vancouver adventure: Day ‘Trow’

Well today it rained good and proper – and it was freezing! Hooray for umbrellas and scarves!! It was fun.
We got social insurance numbers, new ‘cell’ phones, went shopping at Sears and found somewhere other than the 7-11 on the corner to buy a banana. We’re still laughing a lot at odd product names, TV ads and news reporters. Lots of yelling at the TV with the latter. It’s so different here. Who knew you could be a “bubble chef” on a plastic BBQ?

Hopefully soon we’ll find an apartment to live in instead of this hotel. Having said that, it is nice to have someone come in while you’re out and clean everything up. We’ve got a couple of leads on apartments in the West End and also Yaletown so we’ll let you know how that turns out. The leads in Kitsilano have dried up for now.

This morning we stopped in building foyer to have a drink and couldn’t help but notice this massive swinging bit of … well, building. Actually I didn’t see it at first – had to have it pointed out to me – whoops. In hindsight, it’s pretty amazing I didn’t notice it since it’s on the large side.
Sorry the movie is 90 degrees out. The computer gods wouldn’t let me rotate it since it’s a movie and not a picture. You’ll just have to look like a fool and turn your head to watch it. If you really want to see it.


One response to “Vancouver adventure: Day ‘Trow’

  1. AAAAGGGHHH – your own personal Sword of Damocles.
    That is the scariest hotel foyer I’ve ever seen.

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