Urban Fare

My mind was officially blown today when I stumbled upon this gourmet grocery store in Yaletown called Urban Fare – it has everything! (Including some fruits and vegetables I never knew existed).

Groceries, fresh fruit and veges, butcher, deli, bakery, florist and pharmacy all in one. Oh, and a coffee bar and restaurant attached.

And this selection of tulips out front:

(Kellee, if I could transport you over here for an afternoon of wide-eyed wonderment, I would!)

At the deli they have all the things you’d expect, and then some. I counted about 9 different sorts of olives, soooo many cheeses I can’t even begin to describe (Sticky Toffee Cheese???), crab and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms, etc.

(Vee, you’ll be pleased to know I bought some Smoked Gruyere)

And in the grocery aisles they stock at least three GF pastas (brown rice, soyabean and corn)… I could go on.

Un. Believe. Able.


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