Status report

It’s now five days since we settled into our new apartment. There are still some things we need to get but it’s essentially all there. We’ve also got things we don’t need but are great like cable TV, a couch with foot rests and a snacks compartment, a great view of the downtown area (East), glimpses of English Bay (South) and Coal Harbour (North). Walking west down our street will land you in Lost Lagoon if you don’t stop in time. Around Lost Lagoon we’ve met some charming squirrels and raccoons who like eating peanuts – even beg for them – which is very cute. We’d like to give a raccoon a cuddle, but we’re yet to understand their temperament and don’t want to risk losing an eye.

Living in the West End affords a huge variety of cafes and restaurants. Within blocks of our place we have, in alphabetical order:

Blendz Coffee
A cupcake store
Dairy Queen
A dessert restaurant
Dutch pancake house
Gourmet butcher/deli
Grills of various ownership (i.e. Joe’s Grill)
Pizza Hut


… that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. There are places further down Denman Street that we haven’t seen much of yet. There is also the local mall which harbors a place called ‘Extra Foods’ (which we’ve dubbed ‘Awful-Mart’). It’s probably where we’ll get our basic groceries since it’s cheap and handy. It reminds us of the decrepit old Franklins store that used to be at Lutwyche about ten years ago. In fact, Deman Mall is a lot like Lutwyche Shopping Centre before it was taken over by Centro. We will still visit Urban Fare now and then… just try to keep us away!

We haven’t started looking for work yet but will be shortly so we don’t eat into our savings too much. Now we have a place to live and have our bearings, finding work is next on the list, sort of. We want to visit some of the museums and tourist things before we get into a work routine. Yesterday we took a stroll through (and hike around) walk/hike through/around Stanley Park and stumbled across two habitats in the Vancouver Aquarium which are accessible to the public. Seeing those two exhibits has kicked us into gear and we’re going to spend tomorrow squealing over Sea Otters and such. AND thanks to our lovely landlord, we have some entertainment vouchers which let us in (to the Aquarium and lots of other places) for half price. Thanks Rose!

On the church front, we’ve visited two churches so far which – although quite different – had their own merits. We want to visit some other churches nearby before we make a commitment to one.

To the GF contingent, I can give brown rice pasta the thumbs up. I had fettuccini last night and its structural integrity was not unlike wheat pasta.

Seems I’m beginning to ramble now so that’s my cue to make a cup of tea in my brand new, $6, decent-sized tea cup.


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