Interview went well

The job interview went quite well, but I’m still waiting to hear back. Hopefully I’ll hear something today because Monday is a public holiday (Victoria Day). But don’t worry, I’m using my free time constructively…

Man Babies
Om Nom Nom Nom
Glass Screen
Star Finder

And yesterday, to our great surprise, we saw a skunk.
(And more squirrels and raccoons!)


5 responses to “Interview went well

  1. Why why why do I still pop along to the websites you recommend when I know from painful experience that no good ever comes of it. I went to Star Finder and my life has been on hold ever since. This is the most seductive place I have ever been. I am still there. Heeeeeellllpppppp!!!

  2. I finally got them all. Happy to give you some hints if you still need them 🙂

  3. How do you do the bikini one?

  4. queue everyone to say “typical”

  5. You drag the bikini-bottom down just right of the middle (your right – her left) and you’ll find she has a tattoo.

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