Okay, so…

…I had a job within reach but, upon finding out it was a project mining oil sands in Alberta, politely declined an interview. I just don’t think I could live with myself. I did score two days temping at an awesome video games company but it was only ever going to be two days because their admin person had gone to a conference. So it’s back to the drawing board for the moment.

On the plus side:
– We bought a toaster for $7.50 (bargain) which hopefully means neither of us will sustain any more burns from our oven.
– We found a fantastic music store in Kitsilano called Zulu Records. (John, you would adore it)
– Burfit found a comic book store worthy of all his pocket money.
– I got a free sample of a white chocolate, lemon and basil truffle. Interesting.
– It was nice to explore the Kitsilano area.


2 responses to “Okay, so…

  1. That bike is the most precious thing I’ve seen in ages, and that CD shop looks like heaven!

    Speaking of cool music, I can’t stop listening/disco-dancing/headbanging to “Freedom Disco Dance”.

  2. I reckon if we’d ended up living in Kitsilano we’d be treating Zulu Records like our living room.

    I like it that you can disco-groove and headbang all in the same tune. And I have to say, that drum fill at 0:40 is just too cute – it still makes me giggle a bit.

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