Reassuringly wobbly since 1889

On the weekend we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s hard to describe what we did because what we really did was walk around a lot, looking at stuff. Of course I have some photos of some things we looked at, but it doesn’t really tell the whole story. My photos don’t adequately capture the distance between suspension bridge and certain death (we were delighted to find we’d come on a day when the river was fast and cranky). And they certainly don’t betray just how wobbly the bridge is. I found remaining upright something of a challenge.

Before we crossed the bridge, we went to the story centre and heard about the history of the bridge and who built it and what it was used for. We visited the Kia’palano centre and saw some story poles (aka totem poles but ‘story poles’ is preferred) the First Nations people carved from cedar and other artifacts.

Oddly enough, a school choir happened to be at the park and kindly treated everyone within earshot to a mangled rendition of “Lean On Me”. They did some other stuff too which was quite good, but Lean On Me…. wasn’t.

According to the signs we might have been able to see more squirrels, raccoons and skunks but didn’t but that didn’t matter because we have some on hand just a few blocks away. We were quite disappointed that we didn’t get to see any Woodpeckers though.

There’s a ‘Simon Sees‘ video which has some pretty good footage. Also the opening shot on the official website is worth a look to get some perspective.


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