Although I’ve found it very difficult to get out of bed in the mornings, it’s been good to get back into a work routine. I’ve finished my first week temping at VF with mixed feelings. By all accounts it’s a fabulous place to get experience and make connections but I’m not completely sold yet. My training was a bit haphazard and I’m not at all confident that I know what I’m doing. But I’ll see how I go this week on my own – pray a whole lot – then decide if I’m going to apply for the job or just ride out the temp contract. At least if I do decide to apply, I’ve already got my whole body – not just my foot – in the door.

Other stuff
We saw some some breakdancers doing a street show outside the art gallery (aka the VAG) which was sort of fun. The crowd wasn’t very receptive though…

The stuff inside the VAG was also fun.


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