Checking in

Week two down at this job and I have decided to apply for it and see how I go. I had lunch with Michelle – my new work friend – and I found out she has two cats! And she said we’re welcome to come and visit her and give them lots of pats. Wheeee!!

Hmmm, what else…
Yesterday we checked out the West End Seniors Network Strawberry Festival. We got strawberries and cream and a cup of tea – we watched some little kids play croquet on the lawn – we witnessed a cakewalk – Burfit patted a dog – I spotted an Elvis lookalike then we went home and cooked a roast pork. Good times.

Looking forward to seeing Wynton Marsalis next Friday night 🙂 🙂 🙂
Oh yeah and our Threadless shirts finally arrived. Hooray!


One response to “Checking in

  1. Dude! I’ve started my own blog! It’s called

    We haven’t told anyone about it yet so you’re the first!
    Hope Canadia is going well for you guys! Much love and hugs!

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