A very Whistler weekend

Once we arrived we were really hungry so we stopped for lunch at the first place we found. We sat outside adjacent to the Village Square and ordered what we thought would be a regular burger’n’chips-type meal… it wasn’t. We were to find out later this place – Araxi was the most prestigious (and expensive) restaurant in Whistler. Oops. No wonder our meals were small and pretentious.

After that we did a bit of wandering around the village, a bit of meeting happy dogs and a bit of window shopping followed by a bit of standing at the base of the mountain to see if any of the mountain bikers would stack it at the very end.
No one did.

So we went ‘home’ to Faye’s condo and laughed at our good fortune until we were giddy . It is worth mentioning at this point, that Faye’s condo boasts a double shower which has a very large shower head attached to facing straight down from the ceiling. It was like showering in a temperature-controlled waterfall. Oh yeah and next to the bathroom was the private sauna.

Sunday morning (after exchanging anniversary presents) we went straight back to the Village. After a very tasty breakfast at an Irish Pub, we decided to do a Ziptrek Eco Tour. Our guides were Greg (‘Gweg’, a Brit) and Marcus (one of many Australians we would meet) and they were really great fun – friendly and encouraging. Zipping is essentially a big flying-fox with a harness instead of handle bars. We did 5 lines in total zipping back and forth between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains over Fitzsimmons Creek. Fun!!!

We saw WALL-E in the afternoon, Burfit bought a board game called Pandemic and we had a kick-arse steak dinner. Pandemic is a particularly good game for us to play because it’s cooperative so there’s no need for couples therapy afterwards. Either we both win or both lose. That might sound boring, but it’s actually a pretty good game.

Monday we went back to the same Irish Pub for another very tasty breakfast. Then it was straight up Whistler mountain for us. I have to be honest: I was terrified of the chair lift. Being so exposed in such unfamiliar surrounds made me a bit nervous.

All that snow and jagged rocks… eek.

Once we made it to the peak, we hiked for about 2 hours linking up three tracks (Peak Road, Burnt Stew and Little Whistler Way) back down to the Roundhouse where we managed not to buy any overpriced food.

As usual I took lots and lots and lots of photos.

Photos of sad little snowmen.

Photos of our footprints in the pristine snow.

Photos of the little piles of rocks stacked up on the edge of things.

And other stuff.

Back in the Village again, we stumbled across the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and went slightly crazy. Must be all the thin mountain air. I bought some chocolate ice cream and Burfit bought a candy apple. It took a while to choose which candy apple he wanted from the dazzling array of candy apple ‘creations’.

We enjoyed our treats and went home exhausted.

Tuesday we sat around reading, eating, drinking cool drinks and resting our still-aching legs. Then we sat on a bus for a few hours, getting home in just enough time to spy a handful of Canada Day fireworks peaking out from behind some tall buildings.

And that’s what we did. Okay?


One response to “A very Whistler weekend

  1. I’ll put Whistler on our “to-do” list in Canadia… well, I’m sure it was already on there, but after seeing those photos, it’s now in BOLD!

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