Seven things

Seven good things happened today:

  1. I got offered a job
  2. I got offered a really good job
  3. I graciously accepted a really good job
  4. To celebrate being offered and graciously accepting a really good job we had no choice but to enjoy a fabulous dinner at Wild Garlic down the street. Mmmm, pepper-crusted lamb…
  5. I bought an Emm Gryner CD I’ve been wanting for a while: The Summer of High Hopes
  6. I got to watch one of my favourite TV shows and it was a great episode
  7. Tonight is the opening night of the HSBC Celebration of Light but we like to call it the Fireworks Olympics even though there’s only 3 countries competing this year. Check it out. It was stupidly-insane. I mean big and loud and oh-my-goodness… impressive. Next time instead of hanging off our balcony to half-see them, we’ll make the trip to English Bay (all the way down the street).

One response to “Seven things



    That’s rad.

    I know they would think that you’re rad… how could they not?

    – K. x

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