Thoughts on a lazy Sunday morning

Not much to report at the moment. Now that we’ve celebrated our wedding anniversary, my new job and both our birthdays, I’m a bit tired of doing stuff and trying to make every weekend extra special or fun for one reason or another. This weekend I’ve really enjoyed pottering around the apartment, watching some Olympics and cooking.

Yesterday we played Carcassonne again and, instead of continuing my losing streak (I’ve never won a game), we tied. V exciting. Well done me.

We had a terribly exciting week of TV viewing with three of our favourite shows screening their big finales. And the beginning of Torchwood Series 2 and the Olympics. It’s a bit frustrating having the CBC Sports announcers concentrate on the Canadian athletes instead of the Australians. I find my patriotic streak usually shows itself during the Olympics.

I miss having a washing machine that’s all our own. It’s such a pain to have to lug all our washing down to P1 and back again. I also resent the need for dryers but there’s no viable alternative.

Rose (our Landlord) came over with her 2-year-old daughter yesterday. She said she wanted to see how we’re going but I’m pretty sure that mostly meant to check that we’re not trashing the place. We did some extra cleaning and tidying up to make a good impression and I even made a famous A&J cheese ball. Turns out she was very pleased with how clean we’ve kept it* and we both puffed out our chests with pride. Rose didn’t eat any of the cheese ball but her daughter did manage to put away quite a number of crackers. She even left us some friendly crumbs on the carpet so we’d have something to vacuum after they left.

62 sleeps until TGV + LV arrive to visit! We can’t wait to show you the Aquarium and all the good Misters in Stanley Park (mostly raccoons and squirkels).

*Take note, Mum.

3 responses to “Thoughts on a lazy Sunday morning

  1. I can’t believe you guys play Carcassonne. I can’t BELIEVE it. Karl introduced us to that a while ago – it does rock a bit. I’m pleased to say that, at least when I play it with the boys, the “Oh, I really don’t know how to play… oh, is that what you do? Then take THAT!” strategy is usually very effective.

    We’ll have to organise some tea and games when you get back… I still live in hope…

  2. Oh, and of course everything else is very interesting too, although I’m going to ignore the bit about Torchwood. I’m also going to ignore the bit about the Bribies visiting because it makes me jealous.

    It’s all about me, you know.

    – K. x

  3. We are only going to make sure Sma is eating properly. After that photo of the diminuitive burgers, we can barely sleep at night….

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