Grouse Mountain

About a month ago I said I’d write about our day out and about on Grouse Mountain when I could be bothered. That time is NOW but I have to admit, it all comes down to my old pal: procrastination.

We’d been waiting for a weekend that was clear and sunny to visit Grouse Mountain since there’s almost no view if it’s cloudy. And boy was it hot! I know it’s summer and all, but we thought being 1000m or so above sea level might cool things down a bit. No so. And to my dismay there was hardly any shade cover so I became cranky awfully quickly – despite the spectacular scenery.
(Pictured left is Capilano River as viewed from the chairlift on our way up, up, up).

There are various tourist shows scheduled throughout the day so we dutifully sat through the “World Famous Lumberjack Show” which was chock full of terrible puns and moderately impressive feats of strength (and skill). Had there been some relief from the heat, I think I might have enjoyed the show more than I did.

The Birds in Motion show was pretty good as we got a close up view of different sorts of birds of prey.
American Bald Eagles are pretty terrifying.

Not surprisingly my favourite bit was the Grizzly Bear Refuge. There are two orphaned Grizzly Bears who live up there: Grinder and Coola. Check out their bios here – they are good bears! I’m pretty sure the picture below is of Coola because he is the one more likely to be swimming in the pond at any given time. And it looks like he’s feeling around the bottom of the pond for his hidden ‘bath toys’. I’m glad we visited Grouse in the summer so we could see the bears. They are hibernating in the Winter months, of course.

We saw this small dear (not sure what kind) quite accidentally on our eco-walk around Blue Grouse Lake which was an added bonus too.

And the view was spectacular as you might imagine. You can see for miles and miles which – for me – would be more exciting if I could identify the places we were looking at. We live down there somewhere.

You can see Downtown and also Stanley Park near the water.
We live somewhere in between!


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