10 things I miss about Brisbane

I’m not saying this blog entry – from a friend of mine now living in Melbourne – is what set me off… but this morning I’m really missing home. I might also blame the bunch of photos I just found on my old mobile.

Compiling a list like this doesn’t help either.

These are not in order of “missability”. It’s just an arbitrary list reflecting my current mood:

  1. Sitting on the verandah at Bribie while the torrential Christmas rain assaults the garden
  2. Burying my face in the Doctor’s soft furry belly
  3. The sound of our old front gate clicking shut
  4. Cups of tea on a Sunday afternoon with not enough milk in them
  5. The noisy ducks, frogs, birds & possums around our old neighbourhood
  6. Complaining about the 320 bus schedule
  7. Playing my drums
  8. Chicken, honey & macadamia sausages from our local butcher
  9. Understanding subtle cultural references
  10. Having a backyard with a Hills Hoist

And of course I miss people too, but I think that goes without saying. Plus, it would have made my list far too long.


5 responses to “10 things I miss about Brisbane

  1. 2 things I miss about Vancouver:
    sma and joss
    and autumn and spring and racoons.
    Bother, that makes five.

  2. Things I miss about Durdlin and Burfit…

    1. Cups of tea with spoons still in them.
    2. Eggcardogs
    3. Durdlin’s labeller (we still have one on the cupboard that says “This… is… my…”)
    4. Gluten-free brownies – always more gooey and more like the mixture than ordinary ones.
    5. Having to take anti-histamines before coming over to your house for dinner (thank Doctor).
    6. Singing Christmas Carols in four parts. (“On Mary’s ass is feeding…”)
    7. Late night trips to Baskin Robbins.
    8. Very funny rehearsals.
    9. Food that gives Burfit an unusual reaction. 🙂
    10. Hugs.

    – K. x

  3. By the way, I may want to see those old photos. 🙂

  4. Wow, chicken, honey & macadamia sausages sounds AWESOME!!! Where is your butcher?!??

  5. It’s a nice, friendly, good-ol’-fashioned butcher. And they have other sausages too like merlot and cracked pepper (gluten free)!
    You can find them on Shaw Road between Tarm and Vale Streets.

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