Snapshot of the last 72 hours

I saw a limousine which was a stretched ute.

I counted six squirrels behind the West End Community Centre. Four black and two grey.

Autumn leaves are stunning – and slippery when wet!

Turns out I like grapefruit juice.

Seeing things for free just because I work for VF is extremely rad.

Haloumi is not stocked in regular grocery stores.

A colossal cramp in the right calf at 1:30am is more than enough to wake a sleeping Durdlin.


2 responses to “Snapshot of the last 72 hours

  1. That is all quite cool, except for the cramp bit.

    By the way… I still don’t consider you to be a ‘Vancouverite’. You’re a Brisbanite, through and through. Just because you live there, doesn’t make you one of ‘them’.


    – K. x

  2. I certainly don’t feel like one of ‘them’. There are some fundamental differences… I just can’t articulate them. So don’t ask what they are 😉

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