Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. We’re taking advantage of another long weekend* and going away for a couple of days to explore Victoria (the little-known capital of the province). And you know what that means? More photos!!

I should also like to mention at this point that everyone has election fever right now. Not only is there the US Presidential election to keep one’s eye on, but there is also a Canadian federal election on this month and a municipal election on in November sometime. We’re secretly enjoying walking past the people standing on street corners, shoving party propaganda at people. And if anyone tries to talk to us we gleefully reply that we: can’t vote – not residents – from Australia – are just visiting — okay maybe our enjoyment is not so secret.

*I’m starting to think Canadians get a better deal than Australians when it comes to public holidays. Some people even get Remembrance Day off!


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