Ughh, what?

I’ve been working longer-than-usual hours and have less than half a brain by the time I get home.
I cannot brain – I have the dumb.
This calls for short sentences.

The weather is getting colder. Finally.
The red/yellow/brown leaves are beautiful.
Work is still great, although v busy.
We still miss the Doctor very much.
We are both well.

What have you got to say for yourselves?


2 responses to “Ughh, what?

  1. Well thanks for asking!! (or “arksing” as my former colleague would say. Seriously.) Melbourne life is good and my job is going well! Hubs starts exams soon so he’s knuckling down. “Watch this space” for a proper update!

  2. I thought I could actually leave a comment! (breaking new ground). I’m still looking for a job and i had my last day of lectures yesterday. I have had 1 interview and they hated me [no exageration… I asked for feedback and yeah… they hated me 🙂 The ego took a bit of a beating ] Will let you know when I’ve got something to do next year. In other news, I’m probably going to move into Josie’s when I get a job :):) Which will be awesome fun.


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