Two people who are bothing me

John McCain
This recent claim* made me shiver.
9 more sleeps ’til the US election. Let’s get this sucker over with!

Leah Miller
Host of SYTYCD Canada. OMGoodness, what a troll.
I don’t really want to trash her – no really – but she’s not giving me much to work with:

  • her hosting skills are sub par
  • her voice is whiny
  • she’s insincere
  • she’s a big poser
  • she’s desperately trying to be like Cat Deeley (but it ain’t workin’)
  • her chin is freaky…

I love to hate her.

And I’m not the only one!

I wonder if I’d like her better if she was just herself and didn’t try so damn hard.

But then who would I yell at for 2 hours every Wednesday?

*ABC updated the story so it now says ‘believe’ instead of the original ‘guarantee’.


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