Miracles happen

Around 2.00am a few days ago, a vehicle crashed into a power pole around the corner from my parents’ house which resulted in power lines coming down and a surge in the power in their street. They lost power and the repairs took all day.

The Energex guy came to their door at about 6.00pm to reconnect power but they found that the connection from the house to our switchboard had been damaged. They said this was their responsibility as Energex is only responsible for the connection outside the house.

The next morning Dad contacted an electrician. When he came down from the ceiling he said he was amazed the house hadn’t burned down. He showed them this damaged wire and he also took some photos of the charred boards and insulation in the ceiling that the wires had been next to.

He couldn’t explain why the fire just stopped instead of catching and taking hold of the whole house. If it had taken hold, the seat of the fire would have been right above my parents’ bed (eek).

After the electrician did his bit, Energex was called again and they reconnected the power. They showed the Energex guy the damanged wiring and he was amazed. There is no logical reason why the fire didn’t take hold.

Summary: I am VERY pleased my family didn’t perish in a house fire.


One response to “Miracles happen

  1. All I can say is, God is goooooood.

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