It’s snowed!

It snowed on the weekend and it was so exciting. We ran outside to stand in the snow and the first thing that happened was I somehow managed to suck a snowflake up my nose. Our street looked beautiful.

And the next morning, everything was white and mute.



2 responses to “It’s snowed!

  1. Hey dudes 🙂

    Firstly horray for snow (it’s like 2 billion degrees here so very very jealous). I have considered permenently moving into the freezer but mum said no 😦

    Secondly (and much more excitingly), I FINALLY have a job. I’m at Southport hospital and I start on the 5th Jan. So I’m pretty excited except that all my extended family have decided that that means I want lots of housy stuff for Christmas (eg. Windex, pans, trays, sheets, towels… all the stuff that christmas fun is made of). Another good thing is that it’s part time till march so I can work and study for gamsat (take 2) at the same time (thus less stressed and not as crazy). So yeah… all has finally worked out well after many frustrating months of job searching.

    Hope Sam is doing okay and enjoying snow as much as you are. Missing you both 🙂

    -kate 🙂

  2. the Bribie Snowman

    I hope Sma still has the orange beanie… I knew it would come in handy. Snow up the nose is just great.

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