Rising with the sun

I know Vancouver doesn’t get quite the same sort of winter the rest of Canada gets, but it’s different enough from Brisbane for me to really feel the change. The sun rises later and sets earlier I can feel my body clock struggling to match it. Every weekday morning when my alarm goes off at 6:00am I can hardly believe it because outside it’s pitch black. I think I’m also eating more. Not a larger quantity of food, but I’m eating more frequently. And I’m drinking heaps of water too (and tea… mmmm, tea… /puts kettle on)

This morning I rose with the sun which means I slept until about 8:00am and I feel great! When I opened our blinds to check if it had snowed overnight (it had) I saw the sun rising over the buildings downtown and rushed to get the camera. Unfortunately …

…the balcony door had frozen shut so I couldn’t step outside and zoom in or try for a nice composition.

So it’s like this instead:

Having central heating nearly everywhere you go is quite disconcerting. I’m very warm sitting here at the laptop and it’s a clear sunny day outside. I’d be tempted to walk outside in my jeans and a long sleeved shirt but I’ve learned to check my new favourite website: The Weather Network which tells me useful things like:

–> the outside temperature
–> the temperature it feels like outside (factoring in windchill)
–> the % chance of precipitation (rain, snow, cats, dogs, etc)

So I know I need at least two or three warm layers, hat, scarf, gloves, etc.

Even though I’m toasty warm right now, outside it’s about -12 which feels like -19.

I’m told the current weather (snow falling in the downtown area and the daily maximum temperature often being below zero) is very unusual for Vancouver, but we love it! Hooray for the cold and hooray for snow!!

We’re sorry to hear so many of you in Queensland are hot and sticky and no, we don’t want to trade.

In other news, we recently got Christmas cards from Renae&Frith, Nan&Pa, Esther-Ben-Dee-Keely&Jack, and last night we got a parcel from Nic&Cam (which we loved… Twisties for dinner, anyone?)!

Thanks everyone!!


3 responses to “Rising with the sun

  1. Hey… That’s awesome.

    On a present/card note, please accept my apologies for you lack of card… we just weren’t organised enough to get cards out to anyone this year. I will write you a long email soon and who knows – maybe one day before you come home we’ll be able to have a chat. 😉

    K x

  2. No wuckers mate! We haven’t sent any cards either. Besides, we know you love us and we hope you know we love you 🙂

  3. the Man from B.R.I.B.I.E.

    there is an inedible parcel still on the way. And some stuff from the Pretty Good Goods Catalogue. Christmas on Bribie was warm. Ok, hot, but not as bad as it could have been. Just listening to the Choir of St John’s College Oxford and their Christmas service on the Web. Nearly as good as the “Bribie Gleemen Do The Uniting Church Festivity”. James, Katy and the two of us went to Richard’s for Christmas lunch and had the nicest Christmas for a very long time. I think we have all finally stopped trying to overachieve. Dogs well, hope you are too. Lindy improves measurably each day, and is starting to give orders again.

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