Just before Christmas we took a skiing lesson at Grouse Mountain.
Burfit was really excited, tried hard and did pretty well. After the lesson, he spent the next few hours practising and made it down a couple of runs. Well done Burf.
I was more apprehensive, still tried hard but didn’t do so well. After the lesson I waited in and around the cosy lodge taking a bunch of photos that didn’t turn out very well. Here is a photo of a stack/rack* of snowboards outside the lodge.

Although skiing is not for me, I’m glad I gave it a try and can now put it on the list of ‘Things I did in Canada’.

*Can anyone tell me the correct collective noun for snowboards?


One response to “Skiing

  1. I reckon it must be a ‘gang’. They look kinda scary all grouped together like thing. One on its own would be ok, but I wouldn’t want to meet a group of them in a dark alley at night.

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