After Christmas my parents arrived for a 3 week visit which included four days at Whistler. As a Christmas present for us all, we bought tickets on a Sno-Limo mountain ecotour. Check out their website if you want to read more about the service or watch a video explaining how it works.

One thing I will say is there are brakes so you don’t have to go flying down a hill if you don’t want to. And there are hand signals to indicate whether you want to slow down or stop to take a photo. The day we went happened to be a really nice, mostly-clear day, sandwiched between some very dark, snowy days, so we were really fortunate. Each Sno-Limo customer gets to chose which trails to go on, but I guess most people would take their guide’s recommendation. We did. I don’t remember all the trails we went on, but the guides connected them all in a zig-zag down and around the mountain, allowing us to see the mountain from different angles.

Of course I took a bunch of photos throughout the tour. Click to enlarge.


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