I did not take this photo

Vancouver has been wrapped in fog for about a week now and I’ve tried to get some good photos but none of mine are as good as this one. This photo was taken this morning from Cypress Mountain looking at downtown Vancouver. We think it was taken by my colleague’s-husband’s-employee’s-boyfriend. Whomever they are, they must be proud.

PS: I just found out, this is the person to credit. Kudos, Brian.


4 responses to “I did not take this photo

  1. Wow what a gorgeous photo! I wasn’t sure what I was looking at to start with. I also checked out a few photos on that link. Wow wow wow!!! Stunning! Enjoy your time over there guys! You’ll remember it forever!

  2. Far out. I have never seen anything quite like that.

  3. Thanks for the credit – although it doesn’t belong to me. (The photos in the link you provided ARE mine 🙂 ) I had clouds in my sky. I think this shot was taken by Blair Kent… See: http://www.buzzbishop.com/blog/2009/01/23/who-took-the-picture-of-vancouver-in-the-fog/

  4. Thanks for clarifying.
    Hooray for Brian AND Blair!

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