Another up-DATE

5 days until our trip to New York
7 work days left with my boss in the office
13 days until I have all my wisdom teeth out
33 days until my last day at work
43 days until our flight home: Vancouver -> Auckland -> Brisbane


4 responses to “Another up-DATE

  1. what is the picture of?

  2. Actually I’m not sure. It looks like a house on stilts and I remember there was a dim light on inside. I don’t remember it being there last time I ventured down to Coal Harbour so I thought I’d better document it. Also I liked the eerie light at that time of the evening.

  3. You’re getting your wisdom teeth out in Canadia? You poor thing! Lucky you’re not in the states though I guess 🙂 But yay for getting to eat custard and ice cream and jelly for a few days afterwards. Doctor’s orders! Have a great last few weeks over there! Much love to you and sma!

  4. Don’t feel too sorry for me; we’ve got extended health coverage thanks to my job so we’re better off getting the suckers out over here. Burf is getting 2 out – I’m getting all 4.

    I will follow the ice cream order but will leave the jelly and custard if it’s all the same to you.

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