Our first night in Manhattan

We jumped in one of those ubiquitous NYC cabs from La Guardia Airport and went straight to our hotel on West 81st Street where we were delighted to be upgraded to a one bedroom suite for no extra charge – yay!

I’m sure there’ll be lots to tell about our stay here but for now I must tell you, the ‘personal care’ items in the bathroom are very funny. Maybe they’re just playing it safe but everything was spelled out:

What do I do with this thing???

Oh. Thanks for that.

And this?

Oh, I see.

Now you’re spoiling me.

Wash my hair… Don’t wash my hair….
Decisions, decisions.

What do I do with this?

What are these things? Where are my instructions???


3 responses to “Our first night in Manhattan

  1. Oh my goodness I can’t WAIT to hear about your time in Noo Yawk! Have a ball!

  2. Ah – that will be your personal vanity set and your secret sewing kit. How you make them work without clear instructions, I simply cannot imagine. How about ringing up housekeeping and, when they answer, burst into tears.

    Fabulous blog entry as always.
    We are going to Melbourne tomorrow, but we cunningly got postal votes. We’re doing our bit to keep the Bourg at bay.

    I can’t believe you are really in New York. Sure those photos aren’t just postcards????

  3. We got postal votes too but there’s zero chance they’ll receive them in time. They didn’t give us much warning.

    We couldn’t quite believe we were in New York either. Even now it seems like a dream.

    I drafted a garbled entry each night before I collapsed into bed. Now we’re back in Vancouver I’m taking some time to clean them up and add photos before making them live.

    Have fun in Melbourne!

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